Wanderlusting from Afar

by Andrea on June 19, 2012

So after six months of procrastination, I finally went in to get my hair done.  (Thank you, Dru, for working your magic on my curls.)  Yes, I have short hair.  And no, it should be more like six weeks and not six months between cuts, but you moms know how it goes.

Anyways, that’s besides the point.  As I was waiting to get started, I was looking over the magazine collection and saw Afar magazine. Hmm… never heard of it.  Have you? Apparently, I’m four years behind the times.

Afar is a gorgeous and brilliant magazine about travel, exploration, and adventure.  It’s less polished and ritzy than some of its travel magazine competitors, but it offers up refreshing stories about people’s journeys.  The article is not just about the Alaska cruise, but about an Alaskan writer who went on an Alaska cruise after leaving the state several years ago and his struggle with what it means to be Alaskan and live in Alaska.  Or the article is not just about hiking in Peru, but about a writer who is loaned a pair of ‘walking’ shoes by an American, now residing in Australia, and how those shoes were sooooo not made for that hike, but how it made her (humorously) persevere and have a fabulous story to tell in the process.

I have to admit, when reading the opening letter from the co-founder in this particular issue, I was a *tad* bit intimidated when he casually mentioned that the average Afar reader takes 10 international trips a year. Say what?  Who are these people?  They must not have a little Mo around like I do.  But it did remind me that international trips for us don’t just happen overnight, and if I want Mo to put his passport to use in the next year or so, I should probably start plotting our next adventure.

If you see a copy of this magazine at you friend’s place, local bookstore, or your hair salon, pick it up and fall in love with the world around us!


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