Washington D.C. with a Toddler

by Andrea on June 21, 2012

Little Mo just had a pretty rad experience in D.C.  He tagged along with me and Brian for a conference we were both attending.  Given our conference commitments and Mo’s afternoon naps, I set my sights real low and what I wanted to accomplish with Mo on this trip.  Pandas.  I wanted us to go and see the Giant Pandas at the National Zoo.  Mission Accomplished!

We also managed to hit up a few of the other things that I had researched prior to the trip. We went to see the dinosaurs at the Smithsonian.  Even though Mo isn’t quite two yet, he was amazed at all of the really big exhibits.  He was walking around and just saying ‘Wow’ over and over again.  Pretty stinking cute!

Some other items that weren’t on the list but that we also go to do, was visit the White House on Father’s Day. We arrived on Father’s Day, and Mo *may* have been a wee bit tired.

We also took him to his first baseball game where he ate Cracker Jacks and started the wave with his new friend Jeff:

And finally on our last day, we rode the Metro to the Zoo, which was on the original list.  The Metro ride was a big hit.  It was just me and him and there was a lot of up and down escalators with our umbrella stroller in tow. He must have asked a million times, ‘what’s that?’.  I told him the Metro were trains, and he was pretty excited.

We arrived at the Zoo, and it was HOT and humid.  It was more than us Pacific Northwesterners can typically handle.  Fortunately, the Zoo had misting showers everywhere.  You just hit the button and a refreshing mist makes you feel just a little more human again.  We weren’t the only ones trying to stay out of the sun. Our dear friends the pandas wanted nothing to do with their outdoor habitat.  Instead we found them sleeping inside.

All in all it was a great trip.  Here are my top toddler travel tips that I learned on this trip:

  1. Bring a roll of painters tape.  We used it repeatedly to keep Mo entertained on the plane (ripping pieces off and sticking them on his, mine, or our sweet patient airplane neighbor’s body) and at the hotel (creating a race track on the floor, bed, chair, walls, and dresser for his cars).
  2. Make sure your hotel has a mini fridge.  I just assumed ours did and guess what, nopes. Luckily I had brought along Mo’s insulated lunch bag, so we just kept filling it with ice and keeping his yogurts and cheese chilled.
  3. Make friends with the ladies that work at the hotel bar.  Mo enjoys warm milk three times a day.  We would just pop down there, and they kindly provided us with warm milk.  One afternoon, Brian went down to get the milk while I went straight to the room to get Mo ready for nap. The room phone rings, and this woman says, ‘Is this Mo’s mom?’ ‘Um, yes it is.’ Turns out it is our friend Madeline who has been hooking us up with milk.  I guess one of the younger men had warmed the milk, and it was way too hot. She caught it before giving it to Brian and cooled it by mixing in cold milk. She warned Brian to double check, just to make sure it was not too hot for Mo.  Being concerned that Brian wouldn’t convey this properly to me, she called me just to explain what happened and for me to double check the milk.  She didn’t want Mo to get burned.  Isn’t that sweet?

Hope you get to enjoy some trips this Summer!

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