Berry Butter

by Emily on July 26, 2012

I have to thank Pioneer Woman for giving me some creative ideas for an upcoming Family weekend.  Our little family is in charge of the Saturday morning breakfast and given 7+ years experience working in a Bed & Breakfast through high school and college, I think I had too many ideas floating in my head.  We’ve opted for a French Toast morning with some traditional breakfast sides for the 30 attendees.  But it was Pioneer Woman’s cookbook that got me thinking about how I could make this a wee bit different!

Berry Butter…yep, that’s how it’s going to be a little more special.  I’ve never made a fruit berry (done honey butter & jalapeno butter) before and I have to say I’m super excited for breakfast still one week away!

So here are the easy peasy tips:  Soften 2 sticks of butter then put in a mixer and whip up real good until light and fluffy!  Then add your berries (here I added about a cup of raspberries) and let them break down just a bit, but not too much because you don’t want a completely pink butter mush.

Here’s what the butter looks like once the mixing is done.  Lay it on a piece of plastic wrap with a piece of foil underneath it.  Wrap up into a log shape with the plastic wrap and then do it again with the foil really squeezing the ends so that it makes a tight log wrap.

For flavor #2, I went with blackberries, again using 2 soften sticks of butter!  Looks so yummy to me.

Then wrap and roll!  I’m going to freeze these logs until closer to the big french toast date!  I’ll leave them out overnight to soften so the family can enjoy a slice on top of their toast.

This was super-duper quick, and I started thinking of some other ideas for berry butter like muffins, crepes, pancakes, scones or just plain old toast.  Wouldn’t this jazz up your morning routine?

Having not tasted this yet, I’ll let you know how the review goes.  I did have to remind myself that I was whipping up butter and not frosting because it looked so light and fluffy.  I was so tempted to take a little taste but then I reminded myself…this is butter!  Darn.

Have any good breakfast side ideas that would go along with this?





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