Bits & Bobs We ♥: Fried Chicken-Heaven Sent

by Emily on July 2, 2012

Warning: This post may gross some people out, but given my cravings I’m still going to share!

We’ve only briefly talked cravings here before, but for both pregnancies I have completely lusted over the thought of fried chicken!  When we lived in London & pregnant with Pip, Sid was mortified to sit with me at a KFC so I could indulge.  Only did it once (at KFC, just to clarify) and once really made me happy.  Now with little Boo on the way, chicken is again at top of my list.  Mind you, I don’t normally want or crave fried chicken.  In fact, when I see it, it just makes me feel guilty-like I should be eating grilled chicken instead.  But boy oh boy does it ever taste good!

So, let’s get on with my review.  I’d say skip KFC altogether to enjoy some truly Heaven Sent Fried Chicken.  The joy of city living means that there are really fried chicken aficionado’s working for me.  I got my hair cut and the lady starting listing her fav fried chicken places when the mention of my current craving came up.  Heaven Sent was one of the BEST she says.  So, what’s a girl to do but give it the college try, right?

Taste test #1 came after a long morning of errand running and visiting some local toddler attractions when surprise, surprise we drive right down the street of said Heaven Sent!  It was good…..and what was even better for me, it comes in an original or spicy coating.  Spicy fried chicken…best three words anyone could say to me that day!

Taste test #2 happened last night.  We had friends over for a little photo viewing and fried chicken taste test. (They hosted us at a picnic in W. Seattle in May and to my most shocked and pleased state, served fried chicken-first taste of the goodness since prego news too so it may have caused this whole state of desire!)  Gladly I said that we’d replicate the picnic theme with fried chicken from “our” new favorite joint.  We got a family package of both original and spicy along with some delicious rolls.  The difference between the spicy and original coating is that the original is more flaky while spicy is more dense.

What’s the story behind Heaven Sent?  Ezell Stephens, born in Texas, joined the Coast Guard and was stationed in Seattle in the early 70’s.  He knew that he wanted to start a chicken restaurant someday and felt like Seattle was home.  So, after leaving his time in service, he started Ezell’s Fried Chicken in 1984 on 23rd Avenue in Seattle.  After receiving rave reviews, he decided to start another chain called Heaven Sent Fried Chicken in 2010. There are 3 locations of Heaven Sent: Everett, Renton & Lake City.

And yes, this is the same Heaven Sent that Oprah tried!  So if you’re looking for a 4th of July picnic/potluck item and don’t want any of the fuss….give it a whirl!  Hope you enjoy it!




PS-Fried chicken is not something I indulge in daily, weekly or monthly.  Just a rare occasional treat in case anyone is wondering about my sanity.

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