Bits & Bobs We ♥: Grilled Cheese

by Emily on July 16, 2012

As we’re all enjoying the nice weather and hopefully some quality BBQ time, I thought I’d share a couple little tidbits of my favorite grilled side dish.  Grilled cheese!  Yep, you read that right.

My story in finding out about this stuff is kinda funny given the situation, but while living in London, Sid & I would check out a car thru a ZipCar type of company and make a trip to Costco.  Yes, there were actually 2 in the greater London area that we could go to.  For these trips, we’d stock up on the bulky items that we didn’t like to carry or roll in our shopping cart/bag back home and of course it was a good old taste of America with wide American style parking stalls.  As luck would have it, we landed in Costco on a sample day and low & behold, they were grilling cheese as tasters!  We both immediately fell in love and bought a pack.  Then were pleased to find that it was relatively easy to find in other grocery stores in the city.  The only type of grilled cheese we had ever tasted at this point was halloumi.

Halloumi is a mix of sheep and goat milk with a high melting point thus allowing for the grilled/fried technique.  It’s also brined cheese so it has a wonderful, but not too salty taste.  We’ve had a harder time finding halloumi in just any grocery store back in Seattle area with the exception of stores with a larger cheese department like Whole Foods.  I usually just grill up a few slices as a nice side dish to a bbq meal like the pork souvlaki either in a frying pan or on the bbq.  I’ve also put on cube of halloumi on shish kebabs which is also super yummy!

After a recent Whole Foods shopping trip, which only happens every once in a while, we found halloumi and immediately threw it in the cart.  The downside with halloumi is that it’s expensive so we tend to ration it out like caviar (which we never, ever consume or purchase, don’t ask me why I used that example as a reference!).  Just a little bit goes a long way!  This small-ish 8 oz package was about $10.

Good news….next to the halloumi was another “grilling cheese” that was on sale for $3.99 and I said, let’s give it a go!  And since I can’t seem to turn down anything with jalapeno’s in it, we bought both.

And the verdict is….yummy!  I especially like the subtle spice in the jalapeno one.  The consistency and ease to grill is exactly the same as halloumi but a fraction of the price.  I’d definitely recommend giving it a try on your next outdoor cooking adventure!

Enjoy the latest find of a bits & bobs that we ♥ .

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