Bits & Bobs We ♥: Jessica Fletcher

by Andrea on July 9, 2012

Dear Jessica,

I must confess; I love you.  I truly truly do.  I love how you are the smartest lady on the block, be it sleuthing in Cabot Cove or anywhere else that you find yourself.  I love that you don’t know how to drive, yet have learned to fly a plane.  I love how you found a fulfilling and adventurous second career as a novelist after your husband passed away.  I love that you are so incredibly well traveled: Monaco, Greece, China, Egypt, Caribbean, United Kingdom, Russia, and Seattle just to name a few. And, I love the pure joy that you bring into my life.

I watched your tv series growing up and always loved trying to figure out whodunnit before the end.  Then fast forward to five years ago when I discovered that your seasons were starting to pop up on Netflix.  One season after another would show up just as I finished the previous.  Twelve glorious seasons.  In the meantime, I stumbled upon that fact that you also have a series of books ‘co-authored’ with Donald Bain.  These are my guiltiest and most pleasurable of guilty pleasures.  I’ve read them all and save each new one for an upcoming vacation.  Picking up a new one at the airport to read on the plane ride is my absolute favorite!

Then you became a true and loyal friend when Mo was born.  I know that many moms do brainier things while nursing their babies, but I only wanted one thing at three in morning.  YOU!  I started over at the very beginning with the first episode of the first season and worked my way up to the last episode of the twelfth season. Our nursing sessions were long, but you were there for me as a constant distraction.  I’ll never forget that! I eagerly dug into each new season, but the beginning of season twelve was bittersweet.  I knew the end was near, again.

And just when I think that you’ve given me all of the gifts that you will give me in one lifetime (which is more than I certainly deserve), I learn through your facebook group (of course you have facebook fans!) that a collection of four previously unreleased films are now available.  (!!!)  I know!  I ordered the collection, and this weekend began relishing each and every one.  I’ve gone to bed with a glass of wine in hand and my full attention on you.  (Brian has been a good, supportive, sport about the whole thing.) The movies have so far been classic Jessica and are absolutely priceless.

So thank you, thank you from the bottom of my  heart, for letting me into your life and tag along for all of your mysteries.  It truly means the world to me.

And you know, it’s now been almost two years since I watched that last episode of season twelve. This Fall is looking like a good time to go back and revisit your tv self and all of your friends in Cabot Cove and around the world!


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