Blog Fav: Let’s Go for a Balloon Ride

by Emily on July 20, 2012

Okay this post may blow you mind, probably not as much as yesterday’s Coconut Bonbon but check out what I found this week on Paper Matrix

Yep, that is paper and some absolutely, remarkable paper-folding skills by Paper Matrix.  This amazing duo of Dad, chemical engineer who made paper dolls, Danish Christmas heart, puppet theaters, among other things for his daughter Anna, who is now an architect herself who designed these unbelievable paper balloons.    They are Danish and provide so many wonderful free templates for our pleasure.

When I saw this first balloon picture, I thought it would be a great baby mobile. And the site did not disappoint because look what was published earlier this year:

Wouldn’t they looks cute above a crib?  They look a bit intimidating to try by yourself.  I know, I’m feeling the same way!  I couldn’t even figure out those darn Martha Stewart paper flowers so how on earth could I do this???  I did a bit of poking around the site and found that maybe we should start here with the sphere instructions which provide the very base for how these are put together.

It appears that you can download the free template and print on the colored paper of your choice, cut, then start folding/wrapping together! Easy right?  Ughh….I think I’d have to start with the sphere to see if I could progress to the balloon!

Isn’t the internet amazing????  Thank you Paper Matrix for your inspiration and generosity of providing all sorts of wonderful template for us to enjoy.  You’ve got to go to their site to see all the other mind-blowing paper crafts they have been working on over the years together!  Makes me want to take a wee trip to Denmark to shop thru their paper stores!





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