Blog Fav: Let’s talk Lemons!

by Emily on July 8, 2012

I can’t seem to drink enough lemonade lately!  Maybe it’s the lack of beer that I’ve not been consuming and it just seems so refreshing!  I think I’ve purchased every combo that the grocery store sells (mango, lime, cherry, strawberry, etc)!  Then was greeted at the door last weekend with a “lemonade station” with puree, fruit and flavor combos galore!  When I saw this post, I must say that I was excited at the idea of trying to expand my lemonade fascination.  So, let’s leave it to Tatertots & Jello for sharing her favorite lemon ideas for summer! What a beautiful display of goodies!

I really like that this lemon display covers everything from little sweetie’s to home decor and household cleaners to mouth-watering drinks.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!  And remember, when life throws you lemon, make lemonade! Or add vodka and tonic!





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