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by Emily on July 4, 2012

My Mom recently purchased a cookbook through her Cooking Light subscription and I almost immediately borrowed the book to browse some new, easy & season-worthy meals.  At first glance I thought I might get bored….why?  Only a section of 30 pages with beautiful, mouth-watering, glossy photos.  You know the ones that make you WANT to make the recipe.  After spending some time reading through it (yes, that is reading, rather than photo viewing like you do with a cooking magazine), I was very pleased with the layout.

The cookbook is divided into primarily Month sections, with the first chapter of the book dedicated to the “Favorite Recipes” of the year.  Within each month, there are many different sections to help guide the readers.  Firstly, they highlight one food topic, mostly seasonal.  July the feature food is Plums and there are a variety of ways to cook, bake, saute, grill them into breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks & dessert items.

The following section is the “Cooking Class” where you get a lesson in a seasonal topic with some smaller black/white photos to follow along.  July is all about Grilled Veggies and “Steak Lover’s Guide to Lean Meat”, including the proper way to set up your charcoal grill.  If there is a holiday within the month, a menu of seasonal items with recipes is provided.  The final sections are super helpful with “Budget Cooking” and “Dinner Tonight” with time increments of Ready in 40 minutes, 30 minutes, SuperFast, etc.

Throughout the month, there are some helpful guides to fixing some of those problem foods that frequent magazine readers write-in about, like making the perfect hard-boiled egg, perfecting the turkey burger or gummy rice.  Also handy is how they pair seasonal beverages with menu items for a lovely evening entertaining or just for a family meal.

I could see myself using a cookbook like this for the handy month view.  Sometimes I walk through the grocery store looking for inspiration in the seasonal foods, but this guide really does help narrow in ideas for your cookout.  I think I might look for a topic for a future family dinner!

Happy 4th of July!  Hope you weren’t searching for your menu items, this would have been helpful!






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