Let It All Hang Out!

by Emily on July 10, 2012

Ha!  Might have got you with that title!  I’m talking laundry, nothing else here unless you know about Pip and the T-minus 5 minutes it takes her to take off her swimming suit in the backyard pool!

One of my favorite things when the weather warms up is to hang out the laundry on a clothesline!  I’ve not always had a clothesline but that was one of the first things that was installed once our fence was up and steady.

I may have had an entirely different impression of the air-dried laundry feel had we not had a clothesline in London.  Our first flat did not have this luxury and we essentially learned to drap our laundry in all sorts of interesting ways around our flat, whether it be on the radiator, over the dining room chairs or dangled from every door knob! TS-you know we talked so poorly of the rock hard air-dried jeans dilemma!  But then, flat #2 had a lovely little garden space that had a laundry line and it was one of my favorite things to bundle up our load and hang it outside.

I have to say that one of my favorite memories in the weeks before we unexpectedly moved ourselves home was to hang the first little load of baby gender-neutral onesies that I had purchased for the arrival of Pip.  Oh those cute little things hanging out were such a site in the London air!

Having done a decent amount of travel through Europe has led me to fantasize of the time when I would have my very own clothesline.  Andrea’s mother has a wonderful clothesline in their Portugal home that is such a beauty!  And then there’s the way in which others dry clothes in many other countries.  One of my favorite sites was to see the clothesline in Italy stretched from one building to the next with a pulley system to hang it out and then be able to pull it back in.  I always wondered if it was a friendly relationship to share a line or if it was purely the property of just one family?

As we bask in the wonderful 80 degree weather in Seattle, I’m thoroughly enjoying hanging out the older Pip clothes, some wee little gifts for Baby Boo, as well as our own.  Do you have a memory or craving for your own clothesline?  Or maybe I’m just silly excited over this idea!





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