Mo’s First Haircut

by Andrea on July 3, 2012

Thanks to Mo’s mop of forgiving curly hair, we have been able to hold off getting his first haircut until today.  He’s almost two, and given the recent shagginess and the upcoming birthday, I figured it was about time.  We visited an awesome kid’s barbershop and were thrilled with the results. The main worry was what was going to happen to all of his curls, but in the end, they are still there, just neater.  And wow, it just takes one haircut to age your child by six months.  Brian and I spent the day commenting on how mature Mo looks now. Funny, yes I know. Check out our little adventure from unruly curly hair to mature curly styling.

I love that I took close to 30,000 photos of him in his taxi chair.  Not a single one of them came close to the total cute factor captured by our stylist with just one photo!  Apparently, not only is she a stylist but also a photographer.  I had no idea that we’d walk away with a complimentary ‘My First Haircut’ souvenir, but I’m thinking his lock of hair and photo are pretty rad.

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