Bit & Bob We ♥: OLG is back and we’re rolling into September!

by Emily on September 3, 2012

Welcome back and hello to September!

I don’t know about you, but it was hard for me to wake up Saturday morning and see Sept 1 on my alarm clock.  Seemed like yesterday that Andrea put up the post that we needed a little summer R&R.  But alas, here we are and ready for some more Our Little Gems fun!

While I spent yesterday re-organizing the garage, packing away summer plastic dinnerware and trying to get a handle on the days of fall around the corner, I will admit I am a bit sad.  But the fall will also bring some exciting changes for us all and therefore I’m just going head-on to try to embrace them.  Andrea doesn’t consider summer over until the end of September but I fall to the public K-12 school schedule and am looking 36+ fresh faces in the eye very soon.  Sorry if I’m jumping into the “fall mode” too soon!

After a couple of OLG talks over August, we do have some news to share.  We have decided to adjust our format and schedule.  We have realized that although we find great creative strength in what we do here, we both have some exciting adventures (an awesome running store, a wee one on the way, our adorable kiddo’s and then those “other” jobs) that need some additional attention.  To balance them out, we have decided to maintain the Bit & Bob we ♥ on Monday and the Blog Fav on Friday but our only other post of the week will be Wednesday with some creative endeavor, local/world-ly adventure, or really, really important gem to share!

We’re also looking forward to sharing some of the summer fun that filled our late July and August!  Stay tuned for some info on camping, family time, crafty little projects and more!

Thanks to those who wondered where we went!  It was nice to see that someone reads us!  :)

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All the best,





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