Bits & Bobs We ♥: Dahlia’s in September

by Emily on September 17, 2012

Maybe it’s the first week of school now past us, but the tomatoes were picked and composted, the cosmos were cut back and the sunflowers are just aching for a nice warm week to wrap up a season well done.  Summer in Seattle was pretty kind to us.  We had a couple of “hot” days (for us) in the 90’s and then a rain-free streak that nearly toppled the Seattle record of 51 days with no rain.  So I was happy with the performance of my garden.  Sadly, the weeding got a little ahead of me but that’s okay.  If only I could train little Pip to weed a little more selectively!

The bits & bobs that I have loved over the last couple of weeks are the endless blooming dahlia’s around my yard.  I got them in the ground a little on the late side but that hasn’t stopped them from a beautiful performance into September.

I have quite fond memories of buying dahlia’s from a local garden in NW Montana where I spent my summers working and remember the rows upon rows of magnificent dinner-plate style blooms that we used as decor around the B&B.  I have always wanted some of these beauties of my own and not had as good of luck as this year.  I’m so happy with the bulbs that I found at Costco that I’ll probably add more next spring when they come out on shelves.

The package that I bought have two colors, this intense deep purple with a hint of white tips called the Vancouver Dahlia and then the most beautiful yellow called Bilboa Dahlia that is just now starting to bloom.  I  haven’t been able to photograph those yet because the blooms are still tight but I’ll try to add to a post soon.

And while the Bilboa is just coming out, the Vancouver is still producing some great new blooms.  This is one flower that I really, really don’t mind snipping to put in a vase to enjoy inside!

You can see I just can’t stop looking at these!  So, when Costco has those bulbs next spring, don’t hesitate!  If they turn out anything like these late-planted and at times neglected, it’s worth your money!  I might have to load up on the tulips that I just saw last week on the shelf!

Now the only dahlia that I’m desperate to get my hands on, and with little luck in the NW region where both my Mom & I have looked in nurseries and garden centers, is the Seattle dahlia!  I had this one in our little garden when we lived in London and would love to plant these cheery blooms around my yard here in Seattle!

I hope you’ve got some lovely flowers around your neighborhood to enjoy into the early Fall days!

Have a great week!






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