Blog Fav: Hiding Any Children’s Books?

by Emily on September 23, 2012

If I didn’t crack up hard enough at the now oh-so-famous inappropriate elf on the shelf, Baby Rabies has done it again.  This time it’s children’s books, you know the ones that you can’t stand to read again so you’re hiding them?  You can check out her full list here but I did have to agree on a couple books that we too have on the shelf.  I think that I’ll take a look at our book collection a little more closely after this idea has popped into my head.  The bedtime routine is usually a killer for us.  We’re tired, worn out and lacking all narration excitement.  The endless questions from a toddler are much more welcomed during the day instead of the stalling technique right before bed.  Maybe that makes me sound like a bad mom but hey, sometimes you’re just tired and this blog post hit my funny bone!

The comments about the Runaway Bunny really made me laugh!  I have wondered about how it might look to a young mind to think about her mother/father morphing and following as she explores.  I also hate the idea that it seems okay to run away as a small bunny!  Don’t get me wrong, fly sweet little bird as you gain your independence in high school, college and beyond but the idea that this young bunny can run makes me nervous.  Especially now that she can unlock all the doors in our house.  I don’t want Pip to get any funny ideas!

Thank you Baby Rabies for another great laugh!

Hope you’re having a great weekend!






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