Bits & Bobs We ♥: The Skinny Mirror

by Andrea on October 9, 2012

I’ve spent a chunk of my life on the UW campus.  Once you add up the time I’ve spent there for school and work, it has been over 11 years.  (ai ai ai)  The University of Washington has many awesome features like a breathtaking view of Mt. Rainier, a Hogwarts-esque Reading Room, and a lovely cherry tree lined quad.

BUT in terms of making me happy and putting a big smile on my face, nothing tops the Skinny Mirror.  It’s located in a nondescript women’s bathroom in a not so special building.  I’ve been checking out this skinny mirror for 10 of the those 11 years.  You stand in front of what looks like a normal oval mirror, and BAM, you are 10 pounds lighter and three inches taller.  SERIOUSLY!

I’ve inspected it. It’s not warped.  The wall it’s attached to isn’t warped.  I don’t even think the old bathroom floor is warped.  Therefore, I have no other choice than to accept that it is magical.  It’s a gift to any woman on the UW campus that needs a pick-me up, shot of self confidence, or a big old smile plastered on her face.

So why am I just talking about this now? I went in there the other day and saw this newly added sign.  It made me smile even more.  For the record, I am not that tall nor am I that skinny.

So, if you are in and around Seattle, came see me and I’ll take you to this mystical mirror!

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