Teddy Bears for Sandy Hook Elementary

by Andrea on December 17, 2012


The news last Friday coming out of Newtown, Connecticut was absolutely heartbreaking.  I, as I am sure many others did, found myself crying through news report after news report as more and more details came to light.  How can you not think of the little people in your life and try to imagine yourself in the shoes of the family members of Sandy Hook Elementary? I’d think of Mo and then what happened at Sandy Hook and would just burst into tears all over again.

I recently learned about Hollie Butler, a mother from my neighborhood, who is raising money to send one of these little guys to every child at Sandy Hook Elementary and to every family that lost a child on Friday.


In her own words:

Teddy bears are a familiar and much beloved symbol of comfort in childhood. This fundraiser seeks to raise enough money to buy a brown stuffed bear for every child at the school, as a gesture of collective support. 

The children who have survived this experience are going to live with the memory for the rest of their lives. They will have to find a way to trust the world again, to be a kid again. Let’s give them something to carry with them. 

One small gesture of support can’t take away what has happened, but one small bear can be a meaningful symbol of the love and good wishes of people around the country who have watched the news of their lost teachers, administrators, and schoolmates with broken hearts, and who are rooting for these kids as they struggle to make it through the grief and confusion.

I invite you to check out Hollie’s online fundraising campaign.  Each teddy bear costs $16, and she’s looking to raise $10,800 for 630 teddy bears.

And to all of the families in Newtown, you’re in my thoughts and heart.


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