500 Fruits: One Fruit at a Time

Number 25 on my life list is to eat 500 fruits.  I love fruit and am always excited to try a new fruit that I’ve never had.

As I try new fruit… or remember ones that I’ve already tasted, I’ll update this list. Fruit tried for the first time since creating my life list will be designated with a star.  To begin my fruit list, I came up with 105 fruits. By my calculations (some call me a math wiz), I started at 21% of the way there!

# Family Type # Family Type
1 Apple Braeburn Apple 57 Other Medjool Date
2 Apple Envy Apple* 58 Other Pistachio
3 Apple Fuji Apple 59 Other Pomegranate
4 Apple Gala Apple 60 Other Quince*
5 Apple Golden Delicious Apple 61 Pear Asian Pear
6 Apple Granny Smith Apple 62 Pear Bosc Pear
7 Apple Honeycrisp Apple 63 Pear Forelle Pear*
8 Apple Pink Lady Apple 64 Pear Fragrante Pear*
9 Apple Red Delicious Apple 65 Pear Green Anjou Pear
10 Banana Cavendish Banana 66 Pear Yellow Bartlett Pear
11 Banana Plantain 67 Peppers Green Bell Pepper
12 Berry Blackberry 68 Peppers Jalapeno
13 Berry Blueberry 69 Peppers Orange Bell Pepper
14 Berry Cranberry 70 Peppers Red Bell Pepper
15 Berry Huckleberry 71 Peppers Yellow Bell Pepper
16 Berry Marionberry 72 Pineapple Abacaxi
17 Berry Raspberry 73 Pineapple Pineapple
18 Berry Strawberry 74 Savory Chinese Eggplant
19 Citrus Blood Orange 75 Savory Eggplant
20 Citrus Clementine 76 Savory English Cucumber
21 Citrus Eureka Lemon 77 Savory Kirby Cucumber
22 Citrus Grapefruit 78 Stone Fruit Apricot
23 Citrus Key Lime 79 Stone Fruit Bing Cherry
24 Citrus Kumquat 80 Stone Fruit Black Plum
25 Citrus Lime 81 Stone Fruit Cherry Plum
26 Citrus Mandarin Orange 82 Stone Fruit Donut Nectarine
27 Citrus Meyer Lemon 83 Stone Fruit Italian Plum
28 Citrus Orange 84 Stone Fruit Nectarine
29 Citrus Satsuma 85 Stone Fruit Peach
30 Citrus Tangerine 86 Stone Fruit Pluot
31 Citrus Ugli Fruit 87 Stone Fruit Rainier Cherry
32 Gourd Acorn Squash 88 Stone Fruit Saturn Peach
33 Gourd Butternut Squash 89 Stone Fruit White Nectarine
34 Gourd Chila/Chilacayote 90 Stone Fruit White Peach
35 Gourd Pumpkin 91 Stone Fruit Yellow Plum
36 Gourd Spaghetti Squash 92 Tomato Cherry Tomato
37 Grape Concord Grape 93 Tomato Grape Tomato
38 Grape Red Flame Grape 94 Tomato Roma Tomato
39 Grape Thompson Grape 95 Tomato Beefsteak Tomato
40 Melon Canary Melon 96 Tropical Avocado
41 Melon Cantaloupe 97 Tropical Brazilian Tomato*
42 Melon Honeydew Melon 98 Tropical Cactus Pear*
43 Melon Muskmelon 99 Tropical Coconut
44 Melon Watermelon 100 Tropical Dragon Fruit*
45 Olive Arbequina Olive 101 Tropical Fig
46 Olive Cerignola Black Olive 102 Tropical Guava
47 Olive Cerignola Green Olive* 103 Tropical Golden Guava*
48 Olive Kalamata Olive 104 Tropical Kiwi
49 Olive Lacques Olive 105 Tropical Loquat
50 Olive Manzanillo Olive 106 Tropical Lychee
51 Olive Mission Olive 107 Tropical Ataulfo Mango
52 Olive Picholine Olive 108 Tropical Haden Mango
53 Olive Portuguese Black Olive 109 Tropical Papaya
54 Olive Portuguese Green Olive 110 Tropical Passion Fruit
55 Other Fuyu Persimmon 111 Tropical Starfruit
56 Other Hachiya Persimmon


This list was updated on 2/21/2012.

*Asterisks designate fruits with a related post.


Image via flickr.


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murky July 27, 2012 at 11:43 pm

What an interesting idea. I thought about doing this self between reading your post and actually getting to the list.

Reading the list it dawned on me that you’ve probably eaten a dozen or more different varieties of blueberries. You’ve also surely had several varieties of peach, strawberry, raspberry perhaps Asian pear and others.

If you come to the All About Fruit Show near Portalnd Oregon this fall you can taste more than 500 different varieties of just apples and pears.


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